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Annual Fund Campaign

What is the Annual Appeal? The Annual Appeal is a program designed to broaden and strengthen the base of financial support for Holy Family School by communicating with the entire Holy Family School community. This will enable us to expand everyone’s awareness of the School’s mission and values and create within them an increased sense of ownership and inviting each of them to support the school through their prayers, involvement and through financial gifts.

Who will be asked to participate in the Annual Appeal? The entire Holy Family School Community will be asked to participate in the Annual Appeal. This group includes the Faculty and Staff, the School Advisory Council, Parents, Grandparents, Holy Family Alumni and parents of recent alumni, Holy Family Parishioners and parishioners of area Catholic churches with students at Holy Family School as well as other members of the surrounding community that share our values and commitment to Catholic education. Each year, these groups will be approached and asked to support the Annual Fund.

How will my donation to the Annual Fund be spent? All of the money raised through the Annual Appeal will go directly into the school’s general fund and will be used for ongoing school operations, tuition assistance and the implementation of Strategic Planning Goals as established by our School Advisory Council Strategic Planning Committee.

For more information or to make a donation, please contact Mary Babbles (mbabbles@syrdiocese.org) or the school office at (315) 487-8515. We thank you for your support!

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